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  • Carlito's Way (Beard Tidy)

    A full beard tidy with cut-throat edges if you wish. Hot and cold towel service. 

    30 minutes, £20.00

  • The Keyser Soze (Haircut & Beard)

    The full works with complimentary perks. Hot and cold towel service. 

    1 hour, £40.00

  • The Jim Stark (Back & Sides Only)

    A back and sides cut only!

    Skin fades will have to be booked under 'bad to the bone'

    30 minutes, £26.00

  • Edward Scissorhands (Scissor Haircut Only)

    Strcitly scissor cut only, please!

    1 hour, £34.00

  • Bugsy Malone (Young Sir's Haircut - Age 12-16)

    Young sir's haircut for those aged between 12-16 only

    1 hour, £20.00

  • Bad To the Bone (Skin Fade Haircut)

    Taking it way down to the bone for that classic skin fade look.

    1 hour, £31.00

  • The Clark Kent

    A full classic cut and our most popular. A bit off the top, a bit off the sides with blow dry and products to finish.

    You must select 'The Clark Kent & Carwash' option if you would prefer a wash and cut. 

    45 minutes, £29.00

  • The Heisenberg

    A head shave or buzz cut depending on how close you want to go. Hot and cold towel service. 

    30 minutes, £22.00

  • The Clark Kent and Carwash (Wash and Cut)

    For the classic wash and cut!

    1 hour, £32.00

  • Carwash and Style

    Shampoo, condition & style 

    15 minutes, £10.00

  • “Marty” Mc Fly (Student Id Card)

    Student Cut 

    45 minutes, £23.00

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