Please note a wash service is only available at certain stores. 


The Keyser Soze - £32 (Hair and Beard)

Time: Approx 60min

Our full service for hair and beard combined. Complimentary drink at our Wood Street store 


The Clark Kent - £24

Time: 45min

A full classic haircut with a bit off the top and a bit off the sides. Product and styling to finish.

The Jim Stark - £21

Time: 30min

Back and sides only. Product and styling to finish.


Edward Scissorhands - £26

Time: 60min

Strictly scissor cut only, please. 


Bad to the Bone - £26

Time: 45min

The traditional Skin Fade haircut 


The Heisenberg - £15 

Time: 45min

The cut-throat head shave. Buzz Cuts with one grade all over are £12


The Bugsy Malone - £18 (only available with certain barbers)

Time: 45 min

The young sir's haircut - Age 12-16 years of age



Beard Care

Carlito's Way - £15 

Time: 30min

A full beard treatment including a cut-throat tidy and trim. 


The Man With No Name - £18 (only available with certain barbers)

A cut-throat shave. 


Don the Jeweller - £8 (only available with certain barbers)

A moustache tidy and styling with wax.

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